Here at the Atelier 144 we believe that multimedia devices are meant to highlight contents, to stimulate curiosity, to stir a desire to learn while staying back, almost unnoticed. The success of an interactive installation cannot be explained as the visitor takes over it naturally.


In order to design those devices, the Atelier 144 counts 4 permanent employees and works with around forty freelancers (programmers, engineers, graphic designers, integrators, SEOs, creative writers, directors, cameramen, video editors, etc.).



Marc Benaïche

Marc has been working as a multimedia producer and designer since 1995. He is the founder of the Atelier 144 and Mondomix.


Emmanuelle Conso

Emmanuelle est productrice exécutive et directrice de production. Elle est en charge des productions audiovisuelles à Atelier 144.

marjorieMarjorie Cavayé

Formée à l’école Boulle et en administration des institutions culturelles, Marjorie est directrice du développement et chef de projet des expositions multimédias.