Black Music Worldwide

After Senegal, the Reunion Island and South Africa, the International Exhibition of Black Music will settle down at the Cité de la Musique in Paris from March 11 to August 24, 2014.

The Atelier 144 designed and produced this original multimedia exhibition where the visitor has access to about 100 audiovisual and interactive installations.

In collaboration with

Buzzing Light


Audiovisual production
Museum installations

Great Black Music – Exhibition presentation clip from Atelier144 on Vimeo.

The customized interactive device accompanying the visitor:

  • Visitors are invited to pick up an Android smartphone at the entrance of the museum. Hi-fi headphones are provided with the device. Setting up the application is very easy and only requires one click.
  • All along the tour, visitors can save their musical choices through the interactive interface. They can also create an online playlist that will allow them to listen to the songs at home on iTunes, Deezer or any other music platform.
  • This device enables the visitors to connect with all the exhibition’s installations, to fully enjoy the music and to draw on the museum experience at home.
Exhibition’s website

© Pictures: Guillaume Marais and Guillaume Jacquemin