Live Like a Bee

Atelier 144 designed created the educational, spectacular, and immersive Live Like a Bee, game, which is deployed both on a touchscreen table and on three transonic screens.
As part of this project, a wide range of our skills were used: writing of playful scenarios, scientific mediation, graphic creation, interactive development, audiovisual research, video production, design and manufacture of furniture and screens, sound creation and spatialization.


The Loon Plage Centre for Nature and the Environment

In collaboration with

Avec vous Design


Audiovisual production
Museum installations

For the Centre for Nature and the Environment in Loon Plage, between Calais and Dunkirk on the North Sea coast, we created an interactive and immersive experience for learning everything about bees’ lives.

A large touchscreen table controls projections inside an immersive room. The room is equipped with a triple screen facing the table. This is a bilingual experience (French and English).

Contact with the interactive app is controlled via tangible objects, discs that represent the different steps in the life of a worker bee. This object recognition device via RFID technology is built in the furniture and offers visitors playful, participative handling.

When visitors place one such object in a container on the right side of the screen, they can control the interface of the table and play the 8 educational games. Each game allows them to experience a step in the life of a bee and overcome its daily challenges: defending the hive against other bugs, gathering nectar, making wax, feeding larvae, etc.

All the games are synchronised with movies using live-action technique that are broadcast on the three large screens, with the table being connected to three video projectors controlling a 12 by 3 metre video image. The immersive experience is enhanced with spatialized sound in a spectacular way.