The Atelier 144 has been in charge of developing Mondomix website since 2009. is the first international website about music and cultures of the world. Everyday this online magazine criticizes and reports on the latest music updates, movies and cultural events throughout the world.

The Atelier 144 also created the Adobe Air-based music download manager dedicated to the website, which enables the customer to organise his/her purchases linked to iTunes or any other multimedia player.



On March 21, 1998, during the Internet festival, a handful of cyber activists launched one of the first music magazine online, Ten years later, people realize every day that, regardless of the language, there are in every nook and corner of the world plenty of hidden musical treasures awaiting to be brought to light to have our souls and senses prosper!

Music, cinema, literature, society, travels, outings, reports, artists… Today Mondomix is the key media to follow the news and discover cultures and music from all around the world. Available in French, English and Italian, offers new original and unique contents spread across more than 60,000 pages and including more than 5,000 videos, audio interviews and musical excerpts.

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