Albert Kahn Museum

In collaboration with Scénorama agency, Atelier 144 is currently designing and creating interactive and audiovisual devices for the new Albert Khan Museum in Boulogne in the Hauts-de-Seine department. This route will start in the new museum and then unfold in heritage buildings, alternating between visits of the gardens and museum spaces.


Albert Khan Museum

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Museum installations

Aiming to promote and highlight the work of Albert Kahn, the museum consists in a gallery presenting part of the “Archives of the Planet” collections created by Albert Kahn between 1909 and 1931 (72,000 colour photographs on autochrome plates , making it the largest such collection in the world, 140,000 meters (around 100 hours of black and white and colour film) and gardens spread over nearly four hectares which are integral to the museum’s collections.

The renovation project of the Albert-Kahn departmental museum was appropriate for a new exploration of the collections of the new permanent route and temporary exhibitions.