Below the Ocean

Atelier 144 designed, directed, and produced the transmedia program on the challenges of climate change and its consequences on the ocean: Below the Ocean.
The program was designed for France Ô, with the support of the TARA Ocean foundation that, together with the CNRS, the Paris Oceanographic Institute, international research institutes and the support of UNESCO, have just set up the reflection-promoting platform


France Ô


Audiovisual production
Mobile applications
Web designs

On the occasion of COP21, Atelier 144 and France Ô tell the story of climate change and the oceans in «dataviz» in a unique transmedia program: Below the Ocean.
This project is deployed in two programs: TV programs broadcast on France Ô, and an interactive online interface featuring animated data visualizations.
The linear program is a short, 2-minute program presented with conviction and humour by Sébastien Folin who animates the data visualization in real time.
The interactive program is immersive, generative, and fully responsive. This interactive program uses the same dataviz as the on-air program, except online users can interact with it in real time.
These two programs are structured in 10 episodes featuring the impact of climate change on the oceans. They were broadcast on France Ô and posted online.