Lascaux International Centre of Parietal Art

Atelier 144 designs and creates the interactive and multimedia devices for zone 6 of the Montignac-Lascaux International Centre of Parietal Art: this visit area, entitled «Rupestrian art and 20th-century art», consists of in a “digital cave”, an interactive, dynamic, art gallery where visitors can discover in a playful and spectacular way the links between the works of Lascaux and the works of modern and contemporary art.


Montignac-Lascaux International Centre of Parietal Art

In collaboration with

Buzzing Light


Museum installations

In this visit area dedicated to the relationship between cave art and 20th century art, the walls and ceilings are covered with screens that display the works, and digital tracks allow visitors to understand and follow these relationships and to organize their own “mini-exhibitions”. The entire installation works in interaction with the visitor’s mobile visit companion, for a resolutely immersive and personalized experience.
The Montignac-Lascaux International Centre of Parietal Art, more commonly known as Lascaux 4, will open its doors in less than a year, in June 2016. This future equipment will be centred on the complete reproduction of the Lascaux cave and on the use of new image and virtual technologies for mediation. Beyond this emblematic place, it will be the tourist and cultural equipment of reference for the development and popularization of parietal art based on the painted and engraved representations located in the Lascaux cave.