Immersive show – Lascaux IV

Based on a project by André Barbé, head of the Lascaux IV Center, and three scenarios by Jean-Paul Jouary (philosopher and essayist), staged and produced by Marc Benaïche and the Atelier 144 team.



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Immersive show

Since July 2022, the International Center for Parietal Art of Montignac-Lascaux (Lascaux IV) has been equipped with a new immersive audiovisual room to extend its objective: to promote access to parietal art for as many people as possible.
With this new space dedicated to “IMMERSIONS” shows dedicated to the relationship between Paleolithic art and the art of our time, visitors will discover in a spectacular way and from a new angle the works that have been bequeathed to us by the artists of Prehistory, making them accessible to everyone.

Immersed in the center of a set of moving images five meters high, projected on 3 walls about ten meters high, the visitor will discover several representations of women, animals and sculpted or engraved signs, coming from the 4 corners of the world.

3 original and unpublished creations are offered to the public:

Woman of the Origins” a show that restores both the real image of the woman of the Upper Palaeolithic and the strictly artistic representations that have been preserved and that deconstructs the stereotype of the submissive woman who picks berries when the man goes hunting.
Our brothers the animals” a show that testifies to the place of animals for our distant ancestors, both material but also symbolic, cosmic and mythological.
A single humanity” a show that invites us to see what founds humanism, and which turned so many modern artists towards Paleolithic art.