Polnarêves by Michel Polnareff

An original idea designed and produced by Marc Benaïche (Atelier 144) with Michel Polnareff
Produced by Hazis Vardar and Marc Benaïche in association with Froggy Day, Capito Entertainment and Universal Music France.


Immersive show

Entirely virtual, the spectacular “Polnarêves” exhibition is both a technological tour de force and a poetic hymn to nature and life. The Le Palace theater has been completely transformed to host this unprecedented event and has decked itself out in its finest clothes with a canvas of more than 700 m2 enveloping it in all directions. Designed with Michel Polnareff in the USA and a team of visual artists in France, this Fantasia is made up of nine sequences illustrating eight great classics by Michel Polnareff. She tells us, in a dreamlike journey in the invented dreams of Polnareff, the eternal cycle of life.