Oradour, faces

On the occasion of the seventieth commemorations of June 10, 1944, the Oradour-sur-Glane Memory Centre pays tribute to the victims of the massacre, by creating and presenting the temporary exhibition "Oradour, Faces".

In complicity with Buzzing Light, Atelier 144 assisted Doc Levin in the design and realization of the project.

The final device is a 12-meter-wide by 3-meter-high video mapping with sound spatialization over 6 speakers. Our Museo software was used to write the immersive scenario — real-time generative audio and video spatialization — and to adjust the video mapping (full screen coverage and video projector coverage).

In collaboration with

Buzzing Light
Doc Levin


Museum installations

By presenting both the individual portraits of the victims and their daily life, with family, class or group photographs, this exhibition makes it possible to give a face to these victims, often reduced to a number, and to reveal their lives, or fragments of life through the moments frozen by these shots.

This unprecedented and long-awaited approach, centred on the victims, was an opportunity to conduct a major collection, which made it possible to collect hitherto unknown photographs, thus demonstrating that 70 years later, the destructive approach of the Nazis had failed to eliminate all traces of the inhabitants of the village of Oradour sur Glane.

The portraits are visible in the form of vignettes at the end of the tunnel which leads from the Centre of Memory to the ruins of the town set on fire by the SS.