The Pepper’s Experience exhibition

Atelier 144 designed and created the Pepper's Experience Exhibition at the Maison de la Radio, an entirely audiovisual and interactive exhibition.


Maison de la Radio et de la Musique

In collaboration with

buzzing light


Audiovisual production
Museum installations

The Sgt. Pepper’s Experience exhibition, in the form of a giant pop-up, offers visitors the opportunity to discover or revisit the album over a guided tour organized into ten thematic chapters. Following the principle of the pop-up book, each fold corresponds to one of the themes with musical, audiovisual and radio interactions conducted, for the latter, by familiar voices from the Radio France branches who have in common a great passion for the Beatles. In groups of 4 people – like the Beatles – and equipped with headphones, visitors rediscover the visual and sound universe of Sgt. Pepper’s.